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Why do people STILL assume a man must work at my job instead of me?

I still remember not to long ago when I was wearing a UAW coat to get a coffee and a man ringing me up smugly said to me wearing your dads coat huh? Sigh No it's my fucking coat asshole.

I work for one of the big three and let me tell you there are a TON of woman working in our plant. They work on the line / drive fork trucks and are hard working just like everyone else. So I still get a little pissed when people assume a man in my family works there instead of me. Today I took my daughter to an Orthodontist consultation I filled out all the paper work and one of the questions specifically asked who the insurance was under and I put my name. I also put my daughters father and I were divorced. She took my insurance card and the paperwork and she saw that the insurance card was with "car company" and said oh I see your insurance is through "car company" and instead of looking at the paperwork which was right in front of her to see who the insurance was under she said "So this is under her dads insurance right"? I gave her my iciest stare and said no.... it is MY insurance I work for "car company"... she just smiled and said OK and moved on because to her it was no big deal and I'm sure to most people it isn't, but it bugs me. It took everything I had not to tell her that her dad hadn't worked since before we got divorced 11 fucking years ago.


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