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Why do these people even care about the Confederate Flag?

In red is a Facebook friend of mine. Purple is my reply. Facebook friend is a Canadian, obviously with no Southern Ancestry. He’s one of at least two Canadians I have seen bemoaning the backlash on the Confederate flag. I don’t understand why they would feel so invested in this.

The only thing I can figure is that on some level, they see the backlash on the Confederate flag as an assault on wider white privilege and so are getting defensive.


I have never felt comfortable around the Confederate flag. My earliest introduction to it was in the hands of KKK members on TV. I can remember seeing an episode of Roots : The Next Generations when I was 6, being confused by the cross burning that I saw, and asking my parents about it. They explained it to me as best they could, but I went to bed that night scared that the KKK was going to come and take my brother, who was adopted from South Korea, away (having a six year old’s sense of Geography and History, this seemed plausible). I can’t imagine what it must be like for a person of colour to see that flag all around them in their environment let alone on display on government buildings on a daily basis.

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