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Why do we have to respect our elders...

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... if they are terrible people? I guess I'm still on a kick of being upset that people are upset at me for calling out bigot, racist family members.


I'm frustrated because I feel like even my close family members who agree with most things I think, think I am some loose-cannon, overly-opinionated, aggressive asshole (this is me projecting thoughts into their heads).

My mom actually emailed me this morning to make sure I won't show up at my grandpa's funeral and start a scene because there will be "a pastor there". Like she warned me that there would be a pastor and lots of older people who don't believe in the same things we do. As if I would come into the funeral and start talking shit about religion or get into a debate about gay marriage and abortions. As if I have no tact. It makes me so angry (yeah) that they think this of me. I was MARRIED BY A PASTOR! Just because I speak up when people are being assholes, they assume I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue at this sad, serious event. It just reminds me that I will now be pigeon-holed as THAT person. And it makes me sad. It reminds me how people disenfranchise minority groups by calling them angry or aggressive because they are just fighting for equality. Angry feminazi! Angry black woman! Fuck off with all of that.


There IS a lot in this world to be angry about. It's amazing to me that most of us aren't shouting at the sky everyday how fucked up this world is. Unfortunately my closest family seems to think we should just agree-to disagree, not raise our voices at anything, and just be peaceful with family because they are family.

I patently disagree with this. Being passive won't solve problems in this world. And I get frustrated that we as liberals take the passive route too often so as not to stir the pot. I pride myself on being kind to everyone.... until they reveal themselves as a racist, or a misogynist, or a homophobe or all around asshole.


Let it be known also, that I do not often fight with family members. In fact I never have until recently. We mostly avoid serious topics and go on with our lives. But I have a few family members who air that stuff in public, and I feel they deserve to be publicly shamed for those beliefs so they know it's not ok. It's not a matter of differing opinions like whether cake or pie is better. I will shame neither side of that battle. Because that IS AN OPINION. In this case one side wants to hold another group down, deny them of rights, dehumanize them etc, and one does not. This does not compute to me as "an opinion that we should agree to disagree on".

Blerg. I'm having a rough week already. ANGRY BARLYCHEW!!!!

ETA: I will add that my parents constantly tell me how proud they are of me and for what I believe in. They are just far more passive than I am about it. And always trying "to see every side of it". So I am lucky to have them, but damn, I just wish they would join me in the rage sometimes.

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