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I think the women defending the status quo on this post just because some working women don’t get any benefits are ridiculous:

As one commenter said (linking because everyone else shares comments here! and I’m not piling on, I am PRAISING):

I’m so sick of the automatic response of all American (liberal, conservative, libertarian, or Satanist) to be that because other women/people/whatever have it harder then this woman/person/whatever then they should just deal. The article is pretty clear why this is unacceptable.

But we need to STOP with the idea that a subtraction of something is the way forward. It’s the addition of rights, addition of accessibility, and addition of monetary compensation that we should strive for. Maybe making it easier for a senator to bring the baby to the Senate floor will give all the male senators pause on how hard it is out there for all the other non-senatorial women.


And as I said:

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is with our system BECAUSE that’s what working women have to do in this country for tiny infants. Props to Tammy for being able to have a very, very small concession in exchange for not having any maternity leave.

These attitudes make me terrified to have a kid, thanks.

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