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Why Do You Do What You Do?

So, it was slooooow the last few hours at work today, and we literally just stood around shooting the shit for a bit. I was bitching about the sock I was working on, and how I think I need to frog it and start it all over on a bigger gauge needle because it fits but it doesn’t FIT and I want a little more stretch and blah blah blah knitter problems. And then, literallym for the next 45 minutes it was just me trying to explain why I would want to knit/crochet when I could just buy knit wear and it would be cheaper! Less frustrating! My pleas that it was zen like and relaxing, that it improved my brain and was sort of kind of helping me quit smoking(keeps your hands busy y’all!), and also I just like yarn, and I like creating and I like sitting quietly with a book or some knitting. It just struck me that nobody has ever asked my dad to explain why he likes golf. Why do hobbies need explanation? Doesn’t EVERYBODY have some sort of hobby? Baking or tennis or numismatics? To me, hobbies are sometimes the most interesting thing about someone- the think they are pasionate about that is separate from “real life with bills and stress and being a grown up and crap. So I want to know about your hobbies! Tell me what you do! Why do you do what you do?


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