I just want to start out by stating that I consider myself to be very sex-positive. Ladies, fuck whomever you please! Or fuck no one if you prefer! Masturbate to your heart's content! I would never do anything to shame a person's sexuality and sexual behaviors.

That being said, I am strongly critical of the sexualization of female clothing. I'm not critical of women who choose to dress sexy, but of the clothing trends that make women feel compelled to look and act sexy. I'm talking about clothing across all domains of life, but the article on the main page about slutty halloween costumes really irked me. "There is nothing wrong with being sexy" the article states. Well, fuck, my hatred of slutty halloween costumes isn't because I think sexiness is bad! I'm not some puritan! But, apparently this makes me a slut shamer.

To me, slut shaming is about being critical of women's sexuality. It is not being critical of compulsory sexiness. I actually think that compulsory sexiness is a patriarchal method of policing women's sexuality. Meaning, that our society's obsession with slutty halloween (and slutty clothing in general) isn't a reflection of progressive attitudes about women's sexuality. Instead, it is the one domain in which we allow women to think they are permitted to be "sexual," but meanwhile we are still working hard to police their actual sexual behaviors and urges across all other domains.

Just to reiterate: my goal in writing this isn't to criticize individual women's choices to wear sexy clothing. After all, if wearing that sexy nurse costume makes you feel sexual, who am I to deny that experience to you? I just want to critique the trend of compulsory sexiness and to vent my frustration at the mainpage's flippant treatment of my criticism as "slut shaming"

I'm curious how you all feel about this!