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Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm minding my own business at work today when I get an FB notification that my brother has tagged me in a photo. Normally I'd be concerned, but he just had a new baby and I thought maybe he was tagging me in a picture with my niece. WRONG. So so wrong. My brother is the lone Conservative in my family (well, him and an uncle in Florida that we don't like to talk about), and he hates me more than everyone else in my family, so he loves to bait me on Facebook. He tagged me in a photo of GWB holding an American flag that said "Fuck Obama This is my Flag" knowing it would piss me off.

I left a comment asking him why he doesn't just admit he hates Obama because he's black, which he attempted to deny by claiming he hates Obama for causing the shutdown. After I got done laughing, I asked him to please stop watching Fox News and branch out. He then informed me that all of the MSNBC I watch is clouding my brain. I don't even have cable to watch MSNBC with, and it's not nearly as partisan as Fox News. Then another one of his FB friends, who I don't know in real life, informed me that I'm a "low information" voter because I don't have cable. And this was after I had made a comment about how I know more about the Affordable Care Act and government in general because I have a B.A. in Poli Sci and work in a health care law firm, where our entire jobs revolve around the implementation of the Affordable Care Act right now. But I still know nothing because I don't watch cable news.


If you ever wonder how these stupid Republicans get elected, this is how. These stupid people.


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