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Why Does NBC News Need Megyn Kelly? I hope Andrew Lack is reading

I love MSNBC. NBC has a lot of really good excellent relatively young and older female anchors and reporters. Stephanie Ruhle, Hallie Jackson, Tamron Hall, Chris Jansing any of these could reach the level that Megyn Kelly has. I see zero need for hiring her. Ruhle and Hall could easily have been their Megyn Kelly.

I have seen Kelly when utterly bored just to see how she is but I think Ruhle and Hall are better. Hallie Jackson in a few years will be as good, she has a tendency of talking too fast.

NBC just needed to utilize their anchors better. Ruhle is a fantastic no bs interviewer she could easily have been NBC version of Kelly plus Ruhle is to the left. Move Ruhle to 8pm. Chris Hayes to 7pm. Really I love Chris Matthews but its time to retire.


Give Tamron Hall that new NBC daily show they were going to give Kelly.

Oh Chris Jansing whatever breaking news they would have for Kelly to do.

The Sunday show give that to Chris Jansing also. I do not care she is in her early 60s she earned it and is still one of their best anchors and reporters.

Also NBC news needs to stop hiring folks if they do not utilize them properly. Why was Ali Velshi hired? He is utterly wasted on MSNBC. Move him to CNBC and give him the 7pm slot.

NBC News seems to be just hording anchors from other networks and not doing much with them. Ruhle is a former Bloomberg anchor.


If Andrew Lack is reading. I saved you money and used your talent wisely.


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