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Why does she keep messaging my husband? Am I overreacting?

Okay, GT, here's the deal. My husband's best friend has a new girlfriend. New girlfriend, whom I've only met once, constantly messages my husband on FB messenger and it was really bothering me. I confronted him about it and it turned into a bit of an argument; the way he sees it, is that is completely innocent and that she's just trying to establish a relationship with his friend (friend is very aloof, sort of weird), a case that I can absolutely see. I've met her, she's really nice and very sweet; but there's something about this that bugs the fuck out of me. I asked my husband if he can turn down the communication with her, because I thought it was weird how it was going, and he did.

So, husband and his BFF went away for training, my husband dropped him off. We live, maybe 4 blocks away... the minute he gets in the door into our home, he gets a message from her. WTF?


My husband is friends/co-worker with other women, I don't even bat an eye lash. Why THE FUCK does she bother me so much? WHY do I feel so irrational about this? I don't AT ALL feel that my husband has an interest in her; but I can't say the same for her. How do I handle this, after I've already discuss it with my husband. The way he sees it, is that she's just trying to establish a relationship with BFF's friends. I see it as a woman who has crush on my husband.

What say you, GT?

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