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So I’m reading this article on The Atlantic about Hillary Clinton writing an article for The Toast, and I came across a line in The Atlantic article that shocked me:


I genuinely don’t understand this. Is it because it’s Clinton, and she’s just been around for so long, and we know her so well, that her nomination seemed inevitable? Is it just that in comparison to Barack Obama overcoming the racial legacy of the United States to achieve the presidency, this victory for women doesn’t seem historic at all in comparison?

I’m not here to compare the struggles of Obama as opposed to the struggles of Clinton - they each had a unique path to political power. But can we all sit down and please acknowledge that this is a giant, historic event for women, no matter if you love Clinton or hate her? No, Clinton’s not the first woman to run for president, but she is the first to achieve a major political party nomination, and that truly is significant.

My fellow millennials: you don’t have to love Clinton. You don’t have to vote for her. But please, at least acknowledge what a huge step forward this is for women in our country. If you think this is not a historic moment, I challenge your understanding of history.

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