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Why guys are annoying when it comes to music

I am listening to Radiohead, who like many people in this world, I enjoy a great deal. Now, I know that often when confronting groups of men, they have to always have this instant expertise on many subjects, including men. So many of them just talk down to me constantly. I make no great claims about music and knowing obscure things. I like what I like. But fuck, I remember talking to this guy who asked me what my favorite Radiohead album was and I said, "Kid A." He argued that wasn't my favorite album, since I seemed to really enjoy Optimistic and in fact, I should say it is the Bends instead, b/c that is more consistent (and prosaic in his mind) with my musical tastes. I have rarely found an example of why guys are annoying to talk to about music that fits more than this one. That and once when I mentioned seeing an Einstruzende Neubaten video repeatedly in the mid-80s (on this show on USA called Radio 1990—the future!) and so when I hear people talk about them, I feel all nostalgic. This was online and in response, I got a long screed from a guy who told me I was a total stuck up bitch and name dropper.

Like seriously, what the fuck.

I hate talking to men about music.


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