He was found guilty on April 26 its now July 3. What’s the delay? There are laws stating the parameters for sentencing, there has been past precedent from other trials over what the typical sentence is. The judge would already have this information.

The defense and prosecution just has to turn in their recommendations and gather the people who want to speak at sentencing. These lawyers should already not just know what to do but have experience doing it.

What should happen is a) verdict comes in, b) both sides have a full business week starting the immediate Monday to gather who will speak and make a report suggesting sentence, c] following Monday one side gives testimony, Tuesday the other, Wednesday both give closing arguments, Friday sentence.

Yes one side may have more people that it could expand into the next day but the extreme limit should be a sentence by following Wednesday.

Or is this normal for verdict in April and sentencing in July or beyond. If so it needs to be streamlined it does not seem fair to the victims. For sentencing this also does not seem that complex since there have been others convicted of these crimes so everyone should know what the typical sentence is. The only complicating factor is his age and I am fairly certain prisons have a version of nursing homes housing folks his age who have life sentences, so sentence him to one of these. Done.

Any lawyers here can explain? Or anyone familiar with this?