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Why Hasn't He That Hath Wings Been A Movie And Great Proto XMen Story

If you love XMen comics this appears to be a possible genesis. Story is He That Hath Wings published in 1938 and written by Edmund Hamilton. Its about the life of a baby born with wings due to an electrical hit his parents took that modified the genes for the upcoming baby.

The doctor raised the boy alone since he was an orphan. He loved to fly and married his bosses wife, rest is just spoiling it.


It has all the markings of an XMen comic a mutant, one who raises and loves him and another who loves him but an antimutant.

The story is a modern day fairy tale and simple. Tom Hanks would be ideal as the doctor. Spielberg would be a perfect director this seems like an old styled Spielberg movie.


I read it in the early 80s and 90s and story always stuck with me.

The story is here



Its been in quite a few compilations. This is from original source.

I assume most know the story.

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