I know you kind of have to be a news junkie to see the importance of this story but this is one Jezebel should.cover. This really is not.just about Kate but about hypocrisy in news and death of credibility. For those who do not know about the story it is simple. Kate.Bolduan had a child, she cohosted the plum.morning show New Day from.six to.nine am. She had a fill in. Well Jeff Zucker announced before Kate returned that the fillin was the new cohost. Essentially he demoted.her due to pregnancy and maternity leave. One now.has to examine the demotion and virtual.dismissal of Kyra Phillips.one of their best anchors, she had twins then shortly after she came back she was sent to HLN at noon then her show.was dropped.

CNN has for years rightly attacked companies who treat women coming back from maternity leave badly. Well you cannot attack and cover these stories if you are guilty of the exact same.thing. Jeff Zucker just destroyed their credibility on this issue. All.any company or business CNN covers who does this all the business or company needs to say is "your company does the exact same thing". Jeff Zucker just put CNN into this really bad situation. Basic hypocrisy you cannot with any credibility point out injustice when you are guilty of same injustice.

CNN states they are the most respected and I have watched CNN and HLN from.its earliest days and so want this to be true. Zucker has bit by bit got rid of excellent hosts like Soledad and Kyra Phillips, pooped all over primetime. News should nay must be reliable a viewer should not.have to guess what will be on at 9pm. HLN is nw the Forensic Files network.

The Kate Bolduan incident is the most serious since it goes right into credibility. Really any story they cover involving glass.ceiling let alone maternity leave stories makes.them seem like hypocrites.

Yeah I know I ranted about this story this morning but its been on my mind all day. I think this is a better post since I thought about.the ramifications more.