Via Buzzfeed, meet the two newest Oreo flavors. Apparently they don't actually taste like cookie dough, but I'm okay with that as long as this isn't like the birthday cake ones, which received the GT Seal of Approval and yet still taste like sadness. And not the good, squalid kind of sadness. The sad kind of sadness, like when you realize that the GT Seal of Approval is not, in fact, a live seal who goes around tasting assorted junk foods and then barking in approval and/or disapproval. Which is probably for the best, as I suspect that scenario would become the basis of the sequel to Blackfish.

Anyway, I demand a Lindy taste test, and also assorted GT taste tests, and also also some of each shipped to me in France at your earliest convenience.

Bonus gif, also from Buzzfeed: these beautiful sparkly Oreos. Why don't we have glitter Oreos yet? Get on this, Nabisco.