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My guest And how long will you be here? has “gone to pick up his cousin at the airport” and will be out for at least a few hours. Do I believe he is picking up his cousin at the airport, no. Am I glad to have him OUT for a few hours, so I can be alone, YES! I think he is planning to stay through next weekend! Oh God. I NEED alone time; it keeps me sane.

Today he brought me three gift cards - Starbucks, Target, and Cheesecake Factory - as a thank you, and announced that with his credit card points, he is gifting me a $1000 plane ticket (that must be used before December.) Nice, right? Nearly enough to make having someone in my space for two weeks worth it. Well I was like, “Cool, I was planning a trip for this fall, so let me book a trip now.” He hemmed and hawed as I was searching flights and hotels. I got to the “I’m ready to push the button” stage, and he wasn’t able to give me the rewards information to make the booking. He “needs to check” how to transfer the points. Come on, dude.

I didn’t ask for anything for letting him stay here as I’ve crashed at his place many times in the past (and he’s used points to put me up in a hotel when he was out of town and I was here for job interviews), so a plain, simple, spoken “thank you” would be enough. Like the Lannisters, I pay my debts. However, if you tell me you are giving me a plane ticket, come through with it! I found a sweet deal for a week+ in Italy that with his points and my points would come out to costing me only about $300 for 10 days (flight and hotel). I want my (nearly free) vacation!!

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