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Why I can't wait for the Super Bowl to be over with

It's not the people talking about a sport they happen to enjoy. For the most part, I can easily ignore this.

It's not people asking me what I'm going to be doing for 'The Big Game,' since few people have actually asked me that.

It's not the recipes for finger foods all over my feeds, because let's be honest, they're fucking delicious even if you don't like sports.


No. It's this ad. One fucking ad that plays on EVERY YouTube video I watch.

Bud Light. Actors pretending to be "caught on camera". Man child retro BS. And those dudes remind me of the kind of guys who are SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC AND FRIENDLY until you tell them that no, they can't sit at your table, at which point they cuss you out and make sure to call you a fat ugly whore every time they pass you.

People, I stream a lot of YouTube and can't use AdBlock due to debugging issues, and this ad has played on EVERY DAMN VIDEO for the past two days. Sometimes, it plays twice!

Seriously, where's the button for "I hate this god-damn ad, never play it again?"

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