I got an email from a guy, sent to the radio station where I work. He's complaining about a football game that was broadcast locally on TV. The game was also streamed to the site of one of the schools playing in this game. He said there were issues with the online broadcast and wanted us to fix it.

Except my fucking radio station does not have anything to do with either of these things. We don't even live-broadcast local football games. We literally have NOTHING to do with this issue.


Hey, NBD. People make mistakes. It's confusing out there if you're older and there's 12,000 different forms of technology coming at you. I politely explained to him that we're not affiliated with that station, and that the school's website is not operated by this radio station (which happens to be 400 miles away but hey who is counting).

Then, he sent me one of the the angriest, nastiest most batshitcrazy email I have ever gotten in my life. I'm 'full of shit' and just 'too lazy' to do my job. He's tired of people like me 'passing the buck' when there's a problem. He said he 'knew' we were all in 'colleague' with each other (I assume he meant 'league,' but who the fuck knows) and if cared about 'customer service' (WHAT?) I would do something about it.

I love how he thinks that everyone who works in mass media has uniform power over whatever is on the Internet. Like we're all part of one giant Internet cabal that fucks with high school football games in random parts of the country. Honestly though, my mom has said a few things that make me think she believes this too.

Apparently he's calling my supervisor tomorrow, but at the rate he's going, he's probably going to call a Radio Shack in Sheboygan to complain.


I feel like there was probably an Obama-something coming, but I'm betting he got confused and when he went to push the 'MOAR IRRASHIONAL HATE' button on the email, he hit send instead.

This email is getting printed out and stapled to the front of my desk tomorrow. As a reminder to all of the extraordinary amount of bullshit I have to put up with in my job.


I would write more on this post, but I have to go put more bunny gifs on CNN.com.