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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Why I get myself my own damn presents

Tis the season of giving. And I do that. To co-workers and friends and family. Everyone in my family is married and has kids. To various charities, most of which involve animals.

It used to be that I would give a present to everyone, and then all the couples would give a single present to me. My family = 18 individual presents at $20-$25 each, including kids. The couple would give me one present at that amount. Note that I, as a teacher, earn far far far less than everyone else in my family.


I mentioned that it was getting kind of expensive for me, and it was kind of unfair that I was spending twice what they were spending. And they said well, we have kids and we spend a lot on our kids and you don't have kids so you don't get presents, plus you're old.

Well screw that.

Now I get myself my own damn presents. I get myself some very nice coffee. And I get myself some pretty but inexpensive jewelry. This year I got myself a really nice snuggly robe and a JawboneUp and some awesome shoes.


I spent less on everyone else. You know why? Because I AM NOT WORTH LESS B/C I'M NOT MARRIED AND DON'T HAVE KIDS.

Part of me thinks I should feel bad about this. I spent a lot of my savings on medical and dental bills this year, and there will be more next year.


At least I will love the things I get for myself. My family has made a couple snide comments about "wow, you treat yourself, don't you?"

Anyway, I'm an ungrateful bitch. Ho ho ho.

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