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Why I Hate BMI (TW body issues, ranting)

My roommate is quite frankly, one super awesome woman. She is wicked smart (graduated from one of the best vet programs in country and still remembers every single detail of the anatomy of not one, but about 10 different animals). She's also one of the most compassionate, caring, dedicated clinicians I've ever seen in any sort of medical practice. She makes me want to transfigure myself into a dog so that she could be my doc (I'm really only half joking).

She was also a collegiate athlete and completely kicked my arse in last year's STP (Seattle to Portland- it's a bike race). She's super fit, but because she's muscular, her BMI is in the 'overweight' range, which means her doctor gives her flak about it. In fact, her doctor has given so much grief for it that she's still upset about it two weeks after annual exam. She's a few inches shorter than me (5'7ish, I think) and we can share jeans, so she's roughly a size 6/8. I've seen her in a bikini and I would challenge anyone to show me where she could "spare an inch" without losing muscle. I'm completely and totally baffled as to how she could be classified as "overweight."

And yet her MD encourages her every visit to lose some weight.


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