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Why I Kept My Job When I Got Married

Subtitled: My husband just got fired for the most bullshit reason ever.

Just so we're clear, in 2014, my life has been:

February: Moved in with Beau (two hours away from where I had been living)

March: Married Beau

April: Two wedding receptions

May: Mom diagnosed with serious brain cancer

June: Got a monthly writing gig ($30 for 500 words); got a raise; admitted to ER; Grandma entered hospice


August/September: Visited Grandma for the last time

September: Grandma died

October: Twin brother's wedding; Beau gets fired

So it's been an insane year of ups and downs. My salary has not contributed to our real finances at all, since I'm an independent contractor who currently makes $545 a week. My raise was from $425 a week. As an independent contractor, I'm completely responsible for all taxes, Social Security contributions, etc. Beau was a civil engineer for an oil company. He made six figures last year and was on his way to do so this year. More than one person suggested I quit my low-paying job. I didn't, because I'm not a fucking idiot who has her head in the clouds with this economy and how women get screwed over financially. We don't have kids, so there was no compelling reason to quit working except that I "could" if I wanted.


Luckily we have more than six months of expenses saved up, not counting our savings account that's intended for a down payment on a house eventually. It would suck having to touch that, but we could if necessary. Between my income and all of our savings, Beau could not work for a year, and we'd be okay.

Although paying COBRA is going to SUCK.

Beau is actually taking this really well. He's been unhappy for awhile (aka the real reason why they fired him) because of how dysfunctional things are and how they're not improving. We had a really awesome plan of him quitting in the spring, with a job lined up to start in August, and then us traveling around Europe for 8 weeks before relocating for a new job. So that's definitely not happening. I don't even know if we'll be able to go to France for two weeks in June, which has been our plan for much longer. He's thinking about taking part-time work for awhile, so we don't have to move right away, and then if we can get out of out lease early, I guess we'll relocate for whatever he can find. I don't want to move until January at the earliest. I can't really take more time off work this year to relocate (oh, yeah, I work from home, so I can work from wherever). Plus my besties are marrying each other on NYE, and I'm a bridesmaid. I've already committed to bridal stuff, plus I honestly just want to be here for everything.


I know I'm rambling, but I'm still in shock. Beau found out first thing this morning, and I've been trying to process this all day. I've only told one of my best friends. I haven't told my parents yet. I just feel lost. Beau worked for this company for more than five years. His parents just retired from the same company in the last two years. His brother and his SIL still work there. Almost all of our friends work there.

Happy thoughts, prayers, and suggestions for work for a civil engineer with storage tank experience appreciated.

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