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Why I like being a grown up.

If I choose to go out on a Tuesday to see a band and dance my ass off by myself, I can. I went out tonight and saw Moon Hooch and Mike Doughty. If you get a chance, I would suggest you go. I didn't even know who Mike Doughty was before I saw that Moon Hooch was opening. He was the singer for Soul Coughing. I've never heard his solo stuff, but I think the CFO for the hospital is bringing some in for me to listen to. He's much cooler than you'd expect from an accountant.

I have achieved aerobic exercise for the week. Several other people who were dancing that congratulated me on getting down with my funky self.

Here is Mike Doughty performing Circles because I can't find him doing So Far I Haven't Found the Science.

I suspect I have posted enough Moon Hooch.

In closing, Dallas rocks on a Tuesday. (It's not the first time I have experienced this phenomenon.)


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