Because you guys are smart. Because if I post a question here, I won't get 70 repeated answers.

I posted on the Game of Thrones recap on io9 yesterday, about the beetle scene, which I hated. I didn't even really ask anyone to translate it for me, but I did start out with "Seriously, what was up with the beetle scene?" and then stated that I felt whatever character moment they were going for fell flat. I legit have like 40 responses from people "explaining" the scene to me in 1 of 3 different ways. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS?? Why don't they just "like" the theory that is theirs that someone else has already posted, or respond to that person saying they agree? Why do they think they need to respond to me with something someone already said? Also, dicks, just because I didn't like this scene doesn't mean I want "all action, all the time". My favorite moments in this show are small moments, I just thought this scene was too long and boring and totally unnecessary.

I don't get this here. If I ask a question and people have an answer, I get like three duplicate responses at most, because people were typing at the same time. Are we just smarter than normal people? I'm going to guess yes.