Tonight when I got off work, my bus came right away. Nice. But when I got off that bus to get on the metro, the metro was going to be delayed for at least twenty minutes. I'm starting a three-day weekend - ain't nobody got time for that, I need to get home and get my drink on. So I stop at Walgreens to buy conditioner and then request a Lyft since it's only a two mile drive to my house.

My Lyft gets there in less than two minutes, and - Hey! It's Moshe! He drove me two months ago and was one of the nicest people I've ever met. Two months ago he had only been living in the city for six weeks and driving Lyft for two. He and his wife had just moved to the states from Israel to be closer to their daughters. We talked about growing up in rural farming areas. I taught him how to navigate our city using its unique numbering system. He offered me Lindt truffles and water as though I were a guest in his home. We discussed American culture and I gave him some Studs Terkel titles to look for at the library. It was a 25 minute long ride and it was like we became old friends.

So today when his face and name popped up in the app I was overjoyed to see him. He has a new granddaughter! He showed me the Studs Terkel book he was reading. I had a mini milky way bar. We talked about gardening and the weather. It was only a five-minute ride, but it still made me feel all warm and fuzzy, like visiting a kindly older neighbor as a kid. You just don't get that with taxis.