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Why I love my SO, reason #456,767,996

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A coworker and I were discussing how we don't shave our legs today, and she mentioned that she always shaves them if she's about to go on a date, but literally, LITERALLY never any other time (she is single). I have been pleasantly in a relationship for 6 years now and while I shave sometimes, I have not given many fucks about it in several years. I know that if I didn't have this security, I would shave.


When I got home and was taking about it with Boyancé, because we'd never actually discussed it, I asked, "does it bother you I don't really shave?" (I suppose I was baiting him, now that I look back, because there is only one correct answer in my book).

Well, he gave some form of that when he said, "well, I'd also like you suck my dick every morning when you wake up but since you're a person I'll let you decide how you spend your time." And then, "Also, I don't let you control my facial hair so that seems pretty hypocritical."

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