Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I had a phone interview for a potential Big Girl Job™ just now. Ugh.
First on the list of embarrassing items that should raise a red flag: I misread the email saying I was supposed to call the owner, rather than thinking I was going to get a call from him. For is not the same as from. Reading comprehension fail.
Second, I get so damn nervous that I just become a bumbling moron. It's harder when I'm not face to face with someone. I probably sounded like an illiterate fool, yet fluent in grunts. I'm just not good on the spot. Give me a day and I can write out coherent, thoughtful sentences with substance. Instead I'm reduced to, "Yeah," "Well," and "I, um."
Despite my shitty interviewing skills, he still liked my work, and wants to meet with me at their office possibly Tuesday. I'm supposed to get a phone call/email to confirm said appointment, and still waiting, an hour later.
I am feeling horrible right now, like I just ruined an actual career opportunity, because I suck. Ugh. If it still pans out for next week I'm much better interacting with a physical person instead of a phone that's new and still trying to figure out. Double ugh.
In the meantime I will be doing this:

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