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I was asked once why I relaxed my hair. This woman was running her own natural hair salon and had a lovely head of Havana twists. Her preference on the relaxed vs. natural discussion was decided. I, however, saw things in a more nuanced view. The last thing I wanted to do was get confrontational in her salon while she styled my mothers little afro.I came up with some bullshit excuse about preferring straight styles. The truth was that I didn't know and I still don't know to this day.Do I relax my hair to look white? Maybe. Do I relax my hair purely by choice? Maybe.I can't answer this question without some major soul searching and cultural analysis, and I don't have time in my head for that.
Alternatively, I have been asked twice by my host father why I don't have a boyfriend.
Good question.
Is it me? Is it them? Is it society? Damned if I know.This is another thing that caused me to pull a bullshit excuse from my ass.I said with my limited French that since I have feminine hobbies, I don't meet a lot of guys. Total B.S, right?The truth is that I meet plenty of guys and they also like me and I am pretty enough...but still have no boyfriend." Tre bizarre"my host father says on the subject of my singledom.I think that can apply to a lot of things.
What uncomfortable questions do you get asked that you'd need a PowerPoint presentation to answer?If you just gave a bullshit answer, what did you say? If you actually tackled the task of answering in full, was the person even receptive to your answer? I have a feeling that more people are pulling answers out of their asses than we're led on to believe.

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