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Welcome To The Bitchery

I haven't said much on any of KillerMartinis' posts, but I have been following them and I appreciated everything she had to say, so I threw in a few bucks to her book fund when it first opened - a very small amount compared to what some have donated. I'm not saying this to curry favour or anything, but to position my perspective. I was very disappointed by the Gawker article on KM, because I think it paints people who have contributed to her fund as dupes who were somehow misled into thinking KM was living in abject poverty.

I did not contribute to the book fund out of pity, or even charity. I was not under the impression that KM was in dire financial straits. My impression was always that she is an intelligent, eloquent, educated woman who has had some very difficult experiences and who continues to face the pressures of economic instability every day. The fact that she isn't living in the street or starving on a daily basis doesn't invalidate those experiences or her perspective.


I contributed to the fund, because I believe that what she has to say will bring value to the world. I want her to be able to bring her experiences and thoughts to a larger audience and influence the way we think and talk about poverty and people living in poverty. And so what if she's using some of it to take a vacation with her husband? She deserves that, and I want her to be able to do that.

Too often, public debate is influenced by only the most privileged, because they are the ones who can take the time to write an article, or research a book and secure an agent. That stuff takes money and time. I think KM deserves that money and time to bring us a perspective that is invisible in the majority of public discourse.

So, thanks for the concern, Gawker, but I'm happy I contributed to KM's book and I look forward to reading it.

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