My boss has a new boss. My grandboss (I hate that term). He knows nothing about our department. He asks no questions. Makes no effort to learn. That’s fine really. He doesn’t actually have to be in the weeds. My boss tells him nothing. My boss is also clearly inept so bosses boss decides our department is broken and we need fixing.

He makes a ton of suggestions and gives us this huge presentation about everything that is wrong with us. Most suggestions are good and we do them already (we could use fine tuning of course - we should always be improving and growing). Some of the suggestions are things we do exactly. EXACTLY. Like one suggestion that he presented as some radical idea..we already have a custom software and an entire department of 20 people who are dedicated to this exact thing. EXACTLY. It’s something I manage. It’s kind of thing. It’s a big deal.  

My boss pretends all suggestions are new and claims we will get right on it because he is so fucking scared of his boss and too inept to describe what we actually do. I think the only words even says are just “Yup. Yup. Yup.”

My peer, who is also fairly clueless, has turned this into her passion in some really bizarre ass kissing campaign like nothing I’ve ever seen. She spends all her days taking polices, processes, ideas, or ways of working that we already have and rewriting them or reformatting them slightly. She presents them in our continuous improvement meetings as “her” new ideas. She is upset when this is not well received. She thinks we are meant to her. She has, quite literally, just retyped my work and presented it as her own. Except she presents it as draft and expects all current work to stop until she makes final decisions about...stuff? Then she gets angry that we keep working because she hasn’t approved it. This is ongoing work that is integral to our functioning and has worked ok for years. Our business partners expect. To stop without explanation would be bat shit crazy.

My boss seems fine with this. His boss now thinks I have a bad attitude because I questioned this in a meeting and mentioned that we already do this stuff. I feel insane. Now I have to meet with bosses boss. I assume to get chastised.

They think I’m crazy. Maybe I am.