OK, so this is weird. I dated a guy in high school and we on-and-off dated for the first few years of college. It was one of those all-consuming, fairly unhealthy, no boundaries and emotionally manipulative-borderline abusive relationships and we haven’t had contact in like, a decade and a half.

Why is his mother friending me on facebook and messaging me? It’s really weird. She did this initially about a month ago and this morning she messaged “I saw that a woman with your last name passed away. Was she your grandmother?”

“Next time you’re in town, let’s get coffee and catch up. I’m thinking of you these days.”


“This is my phone number.”

I have no desire to have any contact with my high school boyfriend even though I have no real bad feelings to his mother. Is this weird? I think this is weird. My responses are terse and polite (I’m a midwesterner, I can’t help but be polite) and I’m mostly just confused as to why she’s trying to start a friendship. Is this what happens to people when they retire?