So SVU’s done a couple of Ferguson, et al inspired episodes now, and each time Olivia’s been doggedly on the side of the cops who pulled the trigger even though she’s almost never fired her own weapon in the line of duty, despite the jillion times she has reason to fear for her life. Early SVU Liv was never about that thin blue line crap, so why now?

an innocent, unarmed black suspect was fired at 35 times by three officers, and Liv’s only reaction is to defend the cops and circle the wagons. She is absolutely indignant, even in private with Barba, that these officers had any other option. It’s the kind of bullshit I’d expect from Rollins, or any of the other numbskulls who joined the squad since Stabler. But not from Olivia!

Why do Dick Wolf and Mariska Hargitay think this is what we want of Olivia? Do they think the show’s fanbase is more pro-cop than pro-blacklivesmatter?