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ok, not really, i haven't left reality that far behind tonight. but why am i so hungry??? last night and tonight, i just cannot stop eating. and i'm legit hungry. like, i. need. food., not just that i'm bored and keep hoping something interesting magically appears in the fridge. i am HUNGRY. is it the cold and snowy weather? am i preparing for hibernation? goodness knows it's not a growth spurt (my kids are eating me out of house and home lately. my oldest ate 8 hotdogs for dinner.) is it the PMS Hungries? i suppose that could be it, since i only have 3 days left before the deluge. but damn, I WANT FOOD.

what are you snacking on tonight? what's your favourite snack? why am i forever posting late night things about food? if you've got an answer to any of these questions, step right up and share with the class!


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