Reading r/relationships on a Sunday morning, and reminded of my own family dramz.

See, a couple years ago my grandparents divorced. To this day, my aunt will not allow my grandfather in her house or go to the home he shares with his new wife. My grandma is ok, as she didn’t “start” the divorce.

Why do (often religious) people refuse to visit homes or have in their home people who aren’t married the way they think they should be? And why is this so common around un-married, re-married, and gay relationships, but not other sins that we all know are going on? Basically what is it about marriage that makes people crazy, but they’ll have the family alcoholic, the liar, and the drug user over? They can meet with him in a restaurant or other public place where god only knows what sinning is going on around them, but at least their home is unsullied? They know divorce is not contagious, right?

I just don’t understand people sometimes.