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Why is this even a thing?

HoneyHeart’s post about movie theater’s searching bags for weapons got me thinking, and then I saw this op-ed in the NYT this morning.

I did not know that target shooting was legal in national parks. I also did not know that some people lug all manner of crap onto national park lands in order to riddle them with bullets. Or that the Parks Service has to spend time and money cleaning that shit up (because why police your brass, right?). Or that some target shooters apparently feel that 10,000 year -old petroglyphs are good targets to aim at.

Gun enthusiasts insist that designated ranges are too small for their needs and infringe on their freedom, which they equate with that of backpackers and four-wheel enthusiasts.


I feel like these “gun enthusiasts” will not rest until they can shoot a gun anywhere at any time with no regard for anyone around them. Maybe when we all have to navigate our cities, towns and national parks like Sarajevo residents did during the war we will finally wake up and realize how fucking insane things have gotten.

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