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Why isn't roller derby on tv any more?

In the 1970s this was a staple for tv on early Saturday afternnon. Roller derby. I loooved watching it as a kid. I loved the speed, the determination the sudden shifts of the lead. The rail was quite often used to turn a winning team into a losing team. They pretty much aired only womens roller derby. So in the 1970s women sports on tv were dominated with tennis, figure skating, LPGA aand Roller Derby. The Dinah Shore Golf Tournament was an annual event on CBS. Speaking of which is it my imagination or was the LPGA on network tv in the 70s far more then today. Actually I cannot recall the last time LPGA was on network tv.

Anyone else watch Roller Derby in the 70s. Or is it just not on tv in New England any more. A Boston channel also aired bowling every week through I think early 90s like Roller Derby long gone from the air waves. Both I miss.


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