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Welcome To The Bitchery

Why isn't there an Iron Man 3 post?! *Here Be Spoilers*

Who saw Iron Man 3 already? Thoughts, feelings, reactions? I'm putting mine under the cut but I can go ahead and say pretty friggin' positive. Marvel fans come on over! (If anyone wants to tell me how to delete all that empty space I left so no spoilers would show, I would be really thankful.)

I thought it was way better than 2 (I love that one, I really do), I think Rhodey was perfect (finally) and I was completely happy with the Mandarin twist. I spent enough of the movie terrified of him that I didn't even feel cheated or whatever. Some people say the end was trite, I thought it was just a good wrap up. I cried the most when I thought Tony's bots were done for so the last scene had me straight up sobbing in relief (my feelings are crazy but they are mine). And yeah, the little Tony Stark Will Return made me so excited. I know RDJ hasn't agreed to go back to the character for Avengers 2 but he has said he didn't want anyone else playing Tony and also, who would be dumb enough to take over, like actually deal with the guaranteed fan hate? It would be a nice paycheck, but there would be outrage like crazy. (These are my reasonings and I will not be moved) What did you all think about the film?


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