I'm a "chili head" Love spicy things. Peppers and hot sauce and spicy candy- yum! I have made dark chocolate candied habanero ice cream, and sriracha cookies (make 'em into an ice cream sammich with thai basil ice cream. You will not regret this decision). I'm trying to grow bhut jolokia peppers so I can make ghost pepper jelly. I'm currently eating a bowl of not so great butternut squash soup. So I just squirted in El Yucateco chipotle hot sauce and Sriracha until it tasted good. It's basically a bowl of hot hot sauce now. It makes me feel all tingly and alive. Love the spicy!

And maybe you don't love the spicy as much. That's cool. When my brother and I get wings I get mango habanero and whatever bikini atoll, chernoble wings they have listed and eat them with one or two blue cheese packets (because spicy and blue cheese love each other and I will not stand between them) and my brother gets honey bbq and drowns them in ranch (blech-ranch? on WINGS? whatevs) So your love of Scoville is totally your thing man.

Can we talk about how much I hate how popular Sriracha has gotten? Not just popular as a food- which is great- but popular as a cultural thing. I see people on my facebook posting pictures of Sriracha teeshirts, and pillows and what all. But they don't eat Sriracha. I partly hate how it feels sort of gross- the way people glommed on to elements of Japanese culture without actually knowing anything about Japan or its people. I hate feeling like a hipster when I want Sriracha with my food (even though I've been eating it with food since the late nineties, well before it became popular; at least on the East Coast- which I guess actually does make me a hipster) It just makes me unaccountably, violently angry. Tell me, what makes you angry? Preferably, angry for no good reason at all.