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Why Major Crimes (TNT) is today's Golden Girls

Remember the 1980s and Golden Girls with 3 retired women and one woman's mother loving with them. Next door was a senior aged doctor who still practiced but parttime, his show was Empty Nest. Great shows and very funny plus reflective of the times.

Today we have Major Crimes on TNT. The leads Mary McDonnell, GW Bailey and Tony Denison are all in their 60s like those from Golden Girls/Empty Nest. None are retired. McDonnell's character Captain Sharon Rayder not only runs Major Crimes division for LAPD but is protecting a teen who is lets face it a pain. Bailey and Denison are the lead detectives and Bailey's character Provenza also oversees the workers themselves. Major Crimes like GG are reflection of the times. Its also good to see that being in your 60s can still mean you are not just active but have a stressful career. Although not all can.

Major Crimes is one of my favorite shows too. I can't wait also for Rizzoli and Isles to return also on TNT.

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