Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm so cranky right now! I've been in a long distance relationship for longer than I am willing to admit (seriously, picture what length you're thinking of and double it... or triple it) and you wouldn't believe the judgment people have about my situation! My bf and I are living across the country from each other and will be for awhile longer. The thing is, we're both at transient points in our careers and we will be moving from our current locations in a specific amount of time. So it doesn't make sense for one of us to uproot our life to move where the other is, only to have to move and find another job again soon after. OR SO I THOUGHT! Apparently, according to the masses, it is ridiculous that we have been living in separate locations for so long with no specific plan to move back to the same city. There is a general plan, but how can we know what the specifics are when neither of us knows where our careers will take us? Neither of us even knows what country we want to live in?

Anyway, I've had multiple people judge me this week ("how is it possible not to have plans for living together again? and your future?" "maybe because there are 100 graduates per job opening in my field and I'm not moving somewhere new without a job??!"). And now I must drink wine.


Any cute dog gifs to share?

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