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Why must male junk dealers be shown as menchilds?


I confess I never miss Storage Wars or American Pickers. Well a line I missed n a previous episode.I caught tonight. On Storage Wars Jarred said he was.born in 75. I thought he was late 20s. He acts like.he should be Brandi's son not boyfriend and father of their two kids. I saw their stand alone series and he is even worse. Darrell and Brandon well Darrell acts like.Brandon is his brother, younger, not father. Tonights new episode.Ivy acted like.he was in the second grade and Mary had the cooties.

American Pickers ok.at times Mike acts like an adult Frank rarely.

I have known dealers for many years via flea markets. They tend to be friendly but very serious.


I just which the portrayals better reflected reality. But the reality is profit margins are thin and finding true valuable stuff in a storage bin must be exceedingly rare not in every storage locker.

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