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Why Must Some Teens Get Into Nicotine?

Vaping which is laced with nicotine is becoming popular in precollege schools. Why? They claim its safer. You know the same bs was said in the early 80s with chewing tabacco. Nope many teens developed tongue and throat cancer.

I understand premid 1960s teens thinking smoking was glamourous and sexy and made you virulent. None of that is true it is addicting and can give you lung cancer and copd.

Its 2018. First I never understood why nicotine has not been put on the controlled substance list due to its addictive qualities and leads to lung cancer and copd (some escape I know)


I am angry but also sad. No generation has yet to say “no”. Granted number of smokers has decreased. There is zero reason why anyone needs to vape.

I recall the days where the nuns would be angry if they caught a persn chewing gum. (In 70s mainly). Now vaping.

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