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1) Kilobyte has taken to declaring "I am Batman" in the most high-pitched, squeaky voice he can muster, and at every opportunity. Because bats use high-pitched noises for communication and echolocation, in his opinion, Batman should have a high squeaky voice, not a low gravelly one. Also, it annoys his brother, so BONUS.


2) Megabyte has created the BEST MINECRAFT HOUSE EVER. It is a massive hollow statue of Ron Weasley, complete with Pigwidgeon sitting on his head. Pigwidgeon is where the bathroom is located. He has also changed his skin to look like Ron in one of his Christmas sweaters with a prefect's badge on his chest. It is Ronception. Like Gaiman's Desire, he wanders the interior of his own heart.

3) This is the conversation I had with Megabyte the other day: Megabyte: I have zombies in my mineshaft! Me: Well, I think there's a cream you can get for that. Megabyte: That sounds so wrong when YOU say it. Me: But if they're really bad, you have to get surgery. Megabyte: STOP IT.


I am the best mommy ever.

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