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Why no, Mom - I haven't finished packing yet...(OT)

My mom messaged me via facebook today (too many ways for the iphone/computer-savvy septuagenarian set to harass their children!) to see if I was done packing yet. I hate questions in which there is an actual or implied “yet.” Better questions are things like, “how is the packing going” or “how are you feeling about all the moving stuff you are navigating like a champ?”

I fibbed and told her I was just about all packed. It’s not completely true. I had a moving sale today - and it was kind of a bust. I didn’t even get $200 from the sale - and will have to have a lot of stuff hauled away tomorrow. I’m pretty bummed about that. I also would really have rather even given the stuff away than have to pay to get it hauled away. At least everything that can be donated will be donated, but still. I’m pretty worried about my budget.

So, the haulers come tomorrow. I plan to just open up one closet and tell them to empty it without letting me see what they are taking. I haven’t had the time or energy to go through it yet, so that seems like the best option. Before they come - I’ll finish going through another one (in all, I have 3 closets here).


The following day the movers come. I have a lot of half packed boxes. My kitchen is 95% packed (just need to pack my pots and pans - but need to wash them first). My bedroom is 98% packed. Office is 90% packed (stuff I have needed isn’t packed yet). Bedroom 95% packed. Bathroom 0% packed. I have a little chest of drawers in there - I plan to just put everything I can into it, shrink wrap it closed and call it a day.

Then after the movers comes the cleaning. UGH! I wish it were in my budget to hire some cleaners because cleaning after you move out is just the worst. The next day I fly to NYC. I was going to ask a friend if I could stay at her house the night before the flight - but now I’m thinking I will just sleep on the floor here - in my own house, shower in my own shower, drink tea made in the microwave that I plan to just leave in the alley when I depart for good, and have one more night at home for me and the kitties. It’ll be painful, but it is just one night.

OH! And, I have this super weird skin issue. A few months ago, I started having some weird itchiness anyplace elastic touched my skin. I thought I was developing an allergic reaction to elastic. But over this past week, anyplace my skin touches skin (like in the crook of my elbow) has broken out in an itchy rash. I guess some people, under stress, develop an allergic reaction to THEIR OWN SKIN and that may be happening to me! Luckily an anti-histamine reduces the itching significantly (I was itching till I bled - it was bad!) - but man, of all the things to be allergic to - myself! I can’t quit me!

Thanks for listening. Now tell me whats going on in your life?

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