Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Why not to shop when you're hungry

I just came home with red velvet Oreos, maple french toast English muffins, Haribo gummy bears, chips and dip, lemonade, “dragonfruit/mango” juice, and big boxes of Trix and Lucky Charms. (Also, refrigerator cinnamon rolls, but those were actually on my list because of the amazing post earlier about cooking them in a waffle iron.) Which is more junk food than I’ve bought in probably the last six months put together. Which is why I’m usually smart enough not to shop on an empty stomach!

I am trying to tell myself I’ll make it last for a long time, but the whole reason I so rarely let myself buy this stuff is because I can’t stop eating it. Ah, well. I will have a very unhealthy but very delicious few weeks!


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