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Why? Oldster Edition

I loved what the RealMartha wrote. I never heard of the actor but do now. Awesome way to learn about todays performers through posts like hers.

This is for the oldsters whose memories of long ago are still fresh.

Now let’s go into the wayback machine into the 80s and early 2000s. Two actors more then anyone else I wanted to punch. Though more for their role taking they seemed to thrive on playing snakes in the grass. Yes there are actors who in real life were horrible humans still are but these two due really for their roles tops my list.


Note I would not punch them literally but watching them on tv I have wanted to.

Phillip Casnoff best known for the treacherous snake in the grass confederate officer in North and South.

I could not look at anything he was in after. Of all characters I despised and the way the actor came across it was him.


I have to add also David Clennon. Gah. I hated him, the boss and owner from Hell. Manipulative, a total sell out yet strangely cool. He played Miles on Thirtysomething and Once and Again. In reallife he seems fairly awesome a war critic and refused to vote for Zero Dark Thirty for any catagory since he felt it made heroes of those who torture. Even though in real life he has an arrogance about him from interviews I have seen but that could be me projecting his characters on him.

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