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I had to get that out of my system. I pay damn near 500 dollars (school clinic and school insurance) and anytime I go, I am paying out the ass. I hate this countries policy. Of course, I have to go through this school's ever changing policy to fuck people. Some thing is wrong with my bladder because I keep having frequent urination issues but it is not an UTI or pregnancy. I go in and I get a urine test, blood test, and an ultrasound on my bladder. Fucking 300 dollars. This wouldn't agitate me much if that was it. But I have to go in again Monday and Tuesday to get a fucking X-Ray and then talk to the fucking NP to get my results. I haaaaaaaaaate. And I do mean hate this countries healthcare. So a fucking grad student who makes less than 20,000 and give a huge chunk of it back into the school is stuck paying this shit.

I knew this would cost me upwards of $500 in my mind and so far, and I hit it in the ball park. I usually calculate this stuff to make me feel better knowing that damn insurance company will screw me. But what is the use when I still don't have the money to give? Fuck!


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