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Why representation matters and other thoughts (Spoilers for Killjoys and Dark Matter)

Serious Business
Serious Business

So before the latest Killjoys episode a comparison between Dark Matter and KIlljoys would’ve been: I can’t believe that a series created by Mallozzi is full of women actually talking with each other, being the majority and Killjoys which was created and is helmed by women surrounds its super awesome female lead entirely with men.
Seriously, the episode before the last I think, or the one before had Dutch in the room with like six men debating about important stuff and with no other woman. Since Pawter’s and Kendry’s departure it had become more obvious that Dutch is the Cool Gal in a sea of men.
Last week’s episode ended relatively “hopeful” aka it was about three nerds (two men, one women) competing with each other for a spot in active duty, it seemingly ended with the one woman ousted from the competition, but then, right when I was throwing stuff at the screen, we have this cool scene with Ducth and her and it’s clear that she got the job.
More chances for women talking with each other, yay! (I know, Lucy, but well...Lucy, you get my point).


Still, I was a bit miffed, because Dark Matter. Right now the crew of the Raza is 3-2 women/men, with Three being the only white dude in the main cast (he actually made a joke about it at some point after Random Annoying White Dude left). And it shows sooo much, because no woman is The One and women speak with each other often, because there are enough of them in one room.
I’m glad that Two is the unchallenged leader now and that while her story is in the background atm, she isn’t constantly defined by her relationship to One anymore, but is just allowed to be a badass and the one making stuff happen.
Though I still miss Nyx so badly, her brief return really, really drove that home. Give me Alt!Nyx now.

Another thing: I already loved Roger Cross on Continuum, but Six? Siiiiix! I love him so much, I love his brother/sister relationship with Five, I love how he is constantly struggling, because he wants to help everyone, I love how much he is the reason this crew started to feel like a family and I’m thankful that the departure of One allowed all this to happen. Roger Cross ist just so fabulous and this series really allows him to shine. The latest episode fooled me, as expected by the writers (yes, I’m that bad with noticing odd stuff), but woah, it was really great how they used the memory loss as THE factor allowing Six to see through the simulation and also letting him remember an important part of his life.

I’m also wondering regarding Three if Jayne would’ve gotten a similar “redemption” story if Firefly had lasted more than a season, because Three was such an asshole and now he has become this unexpected cool guy who is the asshole when needed, but who has found out he kind of has a heart of gold.
Though since I absolutely despise Adam Baldwin, I’m kinda glad Jayne is still a true asshole, impossible for me to like. No dissonance for me.

The last scene with Android shows why this series is so good, throwing this cool bit at the viewer, making it extra crystal clear that while the main story seems relatively linear, they never forget about what makes their characters interesting. Zoie Palmer is so intense as Android and I’m super looking forward to what the writers have in mind for her.
Things I still hate: Why the fuck was it necessary to write Four like that? I miss him so, so, so much, I don’t want him as the villain, it’s not fun, it’s not cool, give him back now. *grumbles* Plus...stereotyping the only Asian man was already stupid when he was still Four, but making him the cruel emperor of an empire clearly influenced by Japanese culture is so lazy and is getting more and more painfully obvious.

Back to Killjoys: The reason why I’m not writing a piece about why Killjoys has started to kind of lose me:
Kendry, Dutch, Aneela, Zeph

This episode felt whole and right and suddenly there was this spark again.
Especially the scenes between Kendry and Aneela were beautifully scary, I love how Hannah John-Kamen has obviously a lot of fun with playing two entirely different characters, Aneela is wonderfuly creepy and mad and Kendry is Kendry after having realized she must play an entirely different game:

“Everything falls, Aneela, from fathers to empires. But we are queens, and queens rise.”


Woah, BOOM, thank you show for reminding me why I thought you were awesome in the first place. Please keep it up.
Also: Thank you for every single interaction between D’avin and Johnny in this episode. Those two, especially D’avin, are goddamn treasures.

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