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Why Some Whovians Hate Donna Noble

Pope Alexander's share got me thinking: why do people hate Donna Noble so much?

This piece on Feministing by Jos does a great job of explaining why she's such an awesome character, but doesn't explore the fan hate for her.

If we compare her to the other long-term companions, she is the oldest (in New Who, definitely; in Classic Who, maybe?). So she's "old," she's "fat," she's not a "hottie." And she has no qualms about taking the Doctor down a peg or two. She's the only one where there's not overt or implied crushing/romance. So she's considered a nag and a hag. And that is some straight-up sexist bullshit.


Donna Noble was AWESOME. I'm not saying she has to be everyone's favorite they way she is mine, but I am saying the haters need to examine their reasons for hating.

(I realize I am probably not saying anything that hasn't been said before BUT THE SPIRIT WAS MOVING ME.)

ETA because maybe I wasn't clear? This is not about crankiness at the writing or not liking Catherine Tate or being annoyed at the plot or anything of that nature. I am specifically talking about the vitriol out there in the wider fandom against Donna. Vitriol that is, I think, rooted in sexism.

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