I spend... a little (too much) time on Tumblr. I follow a ton of blogs. I follow a lot of fandom blogs, a ton of general interest stuff, etc. I read dumb gossip sites like DListed and Bossip. And I do much of this because I enjoy looking at tons of pictures of Professional Pretty Men. Actors, musicians, models, etc. (And, let's be frank โ€” we do this on Jez and Groupthink on occasion, also โ€” some epic threads.)

I've been noticing how the fanbases for certain actors really tend to skew male or female โ€” some of them really strongly. Now, I fully acknowledge there's some confounding factors โ€” #1 the bias of my own source selections (obvs) and #2, some media skews male/female based on marketing and other factors. Jesse Williams is gorgeous, but I haven't met many men who watched him take his shirt off weekly on Grey's Anatomy, for example. But some seem to defy that split; case in point, Mr.'s Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. vs. Mr.'s Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner. Tom Hiddleston lights ovaries afire with a speed and sincerity rarely rivaled โ€” and yet I almost never see him on gay blogs/gossip sites. RDJ is similar (although he's a bigger star and better covered all-around). Likewise, there was a period of time when Towleroad was 50% Chris Evans news but he very infrequently seemed to register on mainstream gossip blogs. Jeremy Renner is similar, though on a smaller scale.


I'm resisting the urge to make a snap value judgment that says "more women are going to be more discerning and include public persona, personality, etc. into their appraisal of who they will call themselves a fan of, whereas men are used to evaluating and assigning worth based on appearance (hi there male gaze) and therefore preference physical appearance." Resisting โ€” but that sentence didn't write itself.

This all basically started with me wondering why I see so much Tom Hiddleston on Jezebel/GT and on Tumblr but very infrequently on gay gossip sites. Anyone have other examples? Or is this all in my head?