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Why the entire "silent coup" completely scares me

First the president cannot order a wiretapping be done on an individual only FBI and law enforcement with a warrent from a judge can do this. Right there is a lie by Trump.

Trump also has a phone in the Executive Office maybe many and many, many in the West Wing. All he had to do was pick up the phone and call FBI Chief James Comey. James Comey will answer the phone if the president calls. Comey will not put him on hold with music nor ignore the call. Then Trump has to ask “Did anyone in the FBI bug Trump Tower”. Comey would have said “yes”, “no” or “its an ongoing investigation and would be improper to respond”. Odds are definately “no”.

So why is Trump acting like it is still October prior to the election? He is not that stupid to realize he is one phone call away from the answer.


This was to gin up his base who already hate President Obama. This was to call himself a victim because no one is loved more then a republican crying victimhood over an imaginary slight, paranoia or conspiracy especially if its imagined to be from an African American or liberals.

This is just a prelude for a purge in government of firing all political appointees by democratic presidents and a way to get congress to give him the power to fire all government employees who are a registered democrats.

These tweets are to gain momentum from his and Breitbart followers. So his followers can call up elected officials or go to the town hall meetings demanding this.

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